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Example of Cold Email Success

Emails to cold prospects are by far the hardest. To get someone who has never engaged with you to open your email is difficult. We are all slammed with emails. First, people evaluate who an email is coming from, then the subject line. Then, if you are lucky, they open the email and read - or at least scan. And the really, really successful get that reader to actually engage with their email.

The t-shirt company Ramp reports that their email to cold prospects lead to over over 50% open rate and in some industries over 25% engagement rates. This is amazing!

How they did it?

  • Personalization - Body of email includes the company logo of each prospective customer

  • Honesty - The email says immediately "Nobody likes a cold email." They also put the unsubscribe in the body of the email, not hidden and buried at the bottom.

  • Human Touch - The emails felt like they were written by a person, not a marketing department.

This informative article by Ramp walks readers through their trial and errors, which is really helpful. Most people only talk to the successes of a campaign. It also shares the time and resources involved, where again many "great marketing campaign" reviews minimize what it will take.

Informative read:

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