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From Those Who Worked With Allison Harris


Allison has provided incredible support for my sales team at two companies. We worked together at Relayware where I was the Chief Revenue Officer and she lead the global marketing team, and we worked together again at Intellinetics where I am the CEO. 


She always has her eye on the sales goals, and what's needed to lay the foundation for high quality incoming leads. Leading her team, she significantly increased the top of the funnel leads while strategically managing the marketing budget. I always appreciated the new ideas she brought to the table and all of her hard work that underpinned our incredible sales success.

Sales Representative

While many companies are challenged with a Sales group and Marketing group that clash as opposed to working seamlessly towards the same goal, this was never an issue with Allison and the group she managed. Allison and her staff were extremely “customer focused” with Sales as the main customer. Besides liking her on a personal level, I enjoyed working with her greatly and found her to be extremely supportive, knowledgeable, open minded, creative, and focused on our overall success. Allison provided the overarching marketing strategy, including email marketing, communications / public relations, events / trade shows and marketing automation, which had demonstrative results. I would highly recommend Allison and would love to work with her again.

Sales Development Representative

I worked with Allison on the Sales & Marketing team at Relayware/Zift Solutions. Allison was the Director of Global Marketing and was in charge of all marketing department processes, strategies, staff and budgets. As the leader of the marketing team Allison was dedicated to the sales team and especially the SDRs, with lead generation and pre-sales strategies. Allison was proactive in receiving feedback from the sales team and integrating that feedback into highly successful marketing strategies for increasing lead volume at the top of the funnel and the lead quality as well.

The increased sophistication of our marketing strategy and technology, were directly related to Allison's initiatives. These were all collaborative efforts that were fostered between the communication and engagement Allison initiated between sales and marketing on a consistent basis. It was a pleasure to work with Allison, and she shared marketing knowledge that enhanced my personal skill set as her colleague in the process.

Direct Report: Marketing Manager

Christine McConnell headshot.jpg

Allison delivers strategic, outcome-oriented thinking and action most organizations crave. She has a strong sense of focus and ability to corral teams towards the priorities. A lot of marketers and sales enablement professionals 'talk a good talk' about growth and acquisition but there are few who understand the science 'mind' that needs to go into it. Allison is a marketing scientist. 


Beyond the data and architecting of tactical growth plans, Allison has a great proficiency in marketing communications and messaging. I've witnessed her jump into a conversation about messaging, hear what was needed and expertly craft language that hit the exact sentiments of what was being asked. 

While working together, Allison was my 'supervisor' on paper but always treated me as her peer and collaborator. I truly enjoyed the time we had to collaborate and know that the organizations and people she works alongside in the future will benefit greatly from her contributions.

Direct Report: Marketing Manager

Working with Allison has been a breath of fresh air, she’s focused, collegiate, comfortable working autonomously, as a member of a team and under executive leadership. She demonstrates broad experience in all aspects and disciplines of B2B marketing and gets to the heart of the matter every time, never walking away from the biggest challenges! I simply cannot recommend her highly enough.

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