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Professional info​

Allison Harris brings over 20 years of strategic marketing and communications experience. She’s served as a marketing team leader, developing and executing proactive marketing and communications programs around key business priorities that measurably impact customer acquisition, customer retention and deepen stakeholder engagement. By effectively managing her direct reports and collaborating across multi-disciplinary teams, she’s raised B2B and B2 C company profiles through multiple channels, including product placement, media opportunities, social media, email and paid opportunities. Harris has significant experience in message development across mediums – online, in print and in presentations. Through her deep digital marketing experience, she improves brand awareness through SEO, social media, and online advertising. Bringing together Harris’ marketing knowledge, experience and skillset, she bolsters organizations’ brand awareness and sales funnel.

Areas of Expertise
  • Lead Acquisition

  • Messaging

  • Media Relations

  • Analyst Relations

  • Employee Communications

  • Crisis Communications

  • SEO

  • PPC

  • Social Media

  • Inbound Marketing

  • Nurturing Sales Leads

  • Lead Gen / Demand Gen

Work experience
Torrens University Australia
(B2C and B2B higher education)
Senior Marketing Manager
November 2020 - present


  • Leading the strategic product marketing and communications direction

  • Use sales and market data to inform strategic direction

  • Budget management with proven ROI

  • Pull and analyse data to make and inform decisions and strategic direction

  • Managing the team executing marketing tactics, including digital, events and traditional marketing

  • Stakeholder management across a matrixed organization

  • Increase Marketing Qualified Leads to Sales Qualified Leads conversion

  • Increase Sales

  • Development of marketing strategy for Torrens University’s B2B sales arm, Workforce Edge


Main Accomplishments

  • Business faculty leads were up YoY by 29% with a decrease in CPL by 14% for 2022

  • Business faculty hit 120% of its Sales goal 2021 goal year to date

  • Launched 9 new products in 2022, including the GTM planning and informing product development

  • Identified market gaps that led to the development of 4 new product launches for 2023

  • 1 in 4 conversion rate for Business faculty lead to conversion

Ai-Media (ASX: AIM)
(B2B technology)
Digital Marketing Consultant
April 2020 - November 2020
  • Created Marketing plan, mapping to Sales goals, Product roadmap and target audiences

  • Strategic branding plan with recommendations

  • Strategic website recommendations, including SEO and Sales optimisation

  • Weekly digital analysis reporting and recommendations, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, HubSpot, Google Ads

  • HubSpot data analysis and recommendations

  • Writing – case studies and blogs, both for Ai-Media and guest blogging for external sites for backlinks

  • Competitive analysis and company positioning

Ingenia Communities Group (ASX: INA)
(B2C real estate property management)
Digital Marketing Consultant
January 2020 - March 2020
  • Developing strategic structure for CRM (ActiveCampaign)

  • Implementing technical requirements for CRM (e.g., Zapier, WordPress, WordPress plugins, etc.)

  • Training employees on CRM

  • Writing training manual for CRM

  • Creating marketing automation for business

Sundance Institute's Co//ab (B2C)
Digital Marketing Consultant
February 2019 - October 2019



  • Developing 30-60-90 day digital marketing plan

  • Establishing the organization’s email automation

  • Tracking, measuring and reporting on all digital marketing efforts, including Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google Ads and email outreach, using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, MailChimp and AirTable

  • Providing recommendations for refinement on all digital marketing efforts, including Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google Ads, email outreach, SEO and the website.

Great Minds
(B2B education company)
Marketing Department Lead

November 2017 - October 2018


•    Responsible for the overall strategy of all go-to-market marketing channels, including website, email distribution, social networks, paid advertising, Google AdWords, SEO and press releases, across all products (math, English, science, history and professional development).
•    Boosted effectiveness of Google Ads (formerly Adwords) by decreasing costs by 53% while increasing clicks by 110% and conversions by 80%. 
•    Increased overall website traffic year-over-year by 36.28%. 
•    In charge of all marketing measurements – DAU and MAU; pipeline flow from MQLs to SQLs to deal; engagement metrics; campaign effectiveness.
•    Created MQL engine, and increased lead flow by 345% through persona-building, the creation of content targeting those personas and effectively using marketing channel distribution of that content.
•    Led the event management team and the 60+ conferences per year the company participates in.
•    Guide all marketing automation operations from strategically segmenting email distributions to relevant personas, to maximize CTR and engagement to optimizing landing pages for continuous relationship building.
•    Directing digital agencies as company website evolves to ensure ease for end-user and customers as well as the comfort of all executives and stakeholders.
•    Connected Sales goals to Marketing goals, increasing qualified leads from marketing to sales and multiplied sales qualified leads in pipeline.
•    Oversee and manage the Marketing department’s annual budget, ensuring ROI. 
•    6 direct reports; overseeing a team of 11 in total.

Sundance Co::ab.png
Ai-Media logo.png
  • Marketo

  • HubSpot Certified

  • Google Ads

Director of Global Marketing

May 2014 - July 2017


  • Oversaw and managed the marketing department’s annual budget, ensuring that we hit our targets and were held accountable for every dollar spent across all marketing disciplines.

  • Led the marketing team, managing direct reports and team’s goals to company.

  • Increased the number of sales-ready leads by 11 percent.

  • Increased website traffic and session duration each by more than 180 percent by creating captivating, meaningful content for prospective customers, and creating an effective SEO strategy. Additionally, increased the number of “Contact Us” and “Demo Request” form fills.

  • Improved Relayware’s paid ad spend, specifically with Google AdWords’ conversion rate and CPA.

  • Identified opportunities for marketing automation; lead and oversaw the implementation of marketing automation.

  • Increased email open rate and click through rate by creating compelling communications for each buyer persona, driving buyers back to

  • Positively contributed to increased deal velocity and decreased close velocity.

  • Increased company and executive visibility in trade magazines with interviews and contributed articles.

  • Managed company presence at all trade shows, including logistics, graphic designs, meetings, personnel and budget.

  • Led all industry analyst relationships, including Forrester, Gartner, SiriusDecisions, IDC, 451Group and independent analysts. Managed Relayware’s demonstrations to Forrester through the Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Wave, Gartner’s PRM Market Guide and SiriusDecisions’ PRM SiriusView. As a result, Relayware identified as the vendor with the most robust product on market today by major analyst firms.

  • Developed and orchestrated company’s first survey and subsequent industry surveys, including managing the survey company, analyzing the results and the marketing materials developed from the results, including press, webinars, white papers and emails.

  • Built brand esteem by securing six awards for the company and executives.

  • Managed Relayware’s agency partners, including selecting and overseeing the company’s PR agency and digital marketing agency.

  • Managed customer communications, including two monthly email updates and quarterly emails providing insight into what’s on the horizon and driving excitement for what’s ahead in product development.

  • Reported marketing KPIs to executive management and board, monthly, quarterly and annually. 


Alice USA / Cablevision (NYSE; CVC)
Director of Public Relations

September 2014 - May 2017

Main Accomplishments:

  • Orchestrated press conference on NYC Parks Wi-Fi availability, yielding coverage on three broadcast networks and over 20 news websites with more than 30M unique visitors, positioning Cablevision as a broadband leader.

  • Managed Optimum services product placement in HGTV “Spontaneous Construction,” including script development, product framing, executive media training and media relations.

  • Conceived and executed company’s first social media presence, which upon its rapid growth and positive reception became a larger initiative targeting all customers and positioned the company positively in a competitive environment.

  • Developed the communications strategy and handled media relations for over 30 programming announcements on Optimum TV, which have garnered pick-up in trade and consumer media.

  • Led communications for the company’s Western division, including media relations, employee newsletter, product announcements and corporate social responsibility.

  • Strategic rapid response crisis communications during retransmission disputes (e.g., Fox and Tribune) that demonstrably swayed public opinion to hold programmers responsible for rising prices; measurements based on call volume, social media sentiment and media coverage.


Account Supervisor

​May 2004 - September 2010

Main Accomplishments:

  • Orchestrated Samsung’s corporate media relations at CES 2010, resulting in over 55 media briefings for corporate executives.

  • Established and maintained relationships for Silver Lake CEO through media backgrounders, which resulted in thought leadership stories and profiles in business outlets, such as the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal.

  • Secured top tier business and trade press briefings for Canon USA at the company’s 2010 Canon Expo, which resulted in 15 placements that highlighted the company’s vision for future growth.

  • Identified new key industry analyst relationships for Fiberlink as they transitioned from a VPN provider to a comprehensive mobile security solution; repositioned the company with industry analysts into a new Gartner Magic Quadrant and secured coverage by mobile tech journalists.

  • Client team leader responsible for staff and budget management.

Clients included: Canon USA, Samsung, Adobe, Silver Lake, Avaya, CA, Fiberlink, FLO TV, Ben & Jerry’s

Client Executive

​June 2002 - March 2004

  • Managed media relationships for private wealth management institutions, which included both proactive pitching and fielding incoming requests.

Clients Included: Aventis, Accenture, State Farm Insurance, Allergen, Coach, U.S. Trust

Cornell University


Class of 2013

The University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Science in Public Relations with a minor in business

Class of 2002

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