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Your Brand Should Focus Its Mission, Build Community & Communicate, According to Sheryl Sandberg

On Sept. 13 at Dmexco in Germany, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, talked about the effect that digital and mobile are having on the traditional marketing funnel.

Here are two informative articles on her presentation:

1) from Facebook itself -

Three ways for businesses to thrive
Summary as quoted from the article
A) Focus on your mission - "People are looking for brands and for companies that stand for something."
B) Build community -- Building community is one of the biggest challenges for businesses in the digital and social world.
C) Communicate who you are - "The marketing funnel itself is collapsing. It used to take time to go from research, to discovery, to awareness, all the way through a purchase. But now with digital and mobile, that's happening faster than ever. And that means that from the largest brands, to the corner coffee shop, to the smallest companies in the world, to non-profits, the way you work on your brand, the way you communicate who you are has never been more important."
2) Coverage from Marketing Week Mag -

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