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Meta's Profits, Anheuser-Busch Deal & Crypto Access

Anheuser-Busch, in response to declining sales after an advertising campaign featuring transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney was poorly received, has entered into a potentially multi-million dollar deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Starting in January, the Bud Light logo will be prominently displayed on fighting rings and marketing materials. The move has sparked mixed reactions on social media, with some calling for boycotts of Bud Light and the UFC. Despite a recent dip in popularity, Bud Light is investing heavily in advertising in an effort to regain its leading position in US beer sales. Infosys, a major IT company, has initiated a five-year collaboration with Smart Europe GmbH to improve digital sales and customer experiences in the e-mobility sector. Infosys plans to refine Smart Europe's direct-to-customer business model through enhanced customer experiences, data-driven personalization, and engagement for existing and future all-electric models. This partnership is expected to revolutionize the electric vehicle buying experience and utilize machine learning models for accurate sales and aftersales demand forecasting. Foxtel Media has partnered with US-based media software company VideoAmp in a pioneering attempt to measure media consumption. The goal of this partnership is to develop a new measurement system that accurately collects data from across Foxtel Group services. This initiative is a response to traditional rating methodologies' inability to keep pace with the rapid expansion of digital streaming platforms. Foxtel Group's innovative measurement system aims to transition from small measurement panels to premium, large-scale data sets.

Also one last noteworthy news item is that the number of active users of Meta's applications saw a 7% increase compared to the same period last year. For all of us paying attention to where to put our digital dollars and where audiences are - Meta is still breathing life. Links:


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