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Bolstering Newsletter Subscribers

For years, I have helped companies increase their newsletter subscribers through marketing tactics as well as ensuring strong, relevant content.

Currently, I have my own newsletter - Elevator Sports Talk - that gives a very simple download of the sports headlines for people who are too busy to read the sports pages or keep up with the on-going drama in sports.

So, I pay a lot of attention to how to increase subscriber counts and visibility. In particular, I watch strong newsletters that take off, who's behind them and what can I learn.

Here's a great interview with Dan Primack, the business editor at Axios, and his thoughts on "authoring a popular email newsletter."

Mainly, he cares about putting out info that others haven't.

"I want to tell a reader something they don’t know yet ... I want to make them feel smart when they get to work and feel like they’re ready to do their jobs.”

Good interview listen:

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