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Truisms That Are Clearest Away from a Corporate Job

I ran across this insightful article on, and as I am currently consulting, all of these ring very, very true.

Quick snippets below from the article, but the full article is definitely worth the quick read (roughly 4 min.).

I think everyone agrees with this sentiment - "So much time is wasted in meetings, in so many ways."

I appreciate the author's nudging - "Ask if you can get it done through email or by (gasp) just deciding."

I like to make a decision and move forward instead of being stuck in indecision + "let's get XX to also weigh in."

"Life is relationships." - this is my mantra. I'm not aiming to be a billionaire or be Mother Teresa. I want to be good and helpful to those around me. Let's worth together on progress forward.

"There's no greater pick-me-up than feeling challenged and growing again."

My worst job was one where I was overpaid and under-used. I tried in so many ways to give, and was constantly sidelined. I was dumbfounded by my paycheck for the little value that particular org (the department) actually wanted from me - and I WANTED to contribute my effort and time.

I found my own ways to grow in ways outside that organization's walls, and I look back and appreciate the time they gave me for that.

Again - read the full article. I just pulled out a couple of the aspects that deeply resonated with me.

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