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Stats: The Competition Your Email Faces

DMR Business Statistics has published a for-pay report on email stats, but here are a few to remind you just how stiff the competition is:

  • On average, we send and receive more than 121 emails every day.

  • The CTR rate in North America is 3.1%

  • The Open rate in North America is 34.1%

  • There is a 29.6% increase in the CTR when the subject line is personalized

  • There is a 17% increase in the Open Rate when the subject line is personalized

Lots of other informative stats in this report.

Too often I see organizations that are too self-centered when they write their emails. They completely forget to think about their recipient's POV. You see your messaging day-in and day-out, but your audience doesn't.

Search for those people who always open your emails, and modify the message and the tone, so you aren't to repetitive. And segment out those who open your emails once a month or once a quarter - and be more repetitive, knowing that they are reading hundreds of other emails and will not be able to recall your tagline, your value promise, your distinction. And always provide something of value that is beyond "buy me."

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