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2018 Marketing is Centered in Measurable Lead Engagement

If you aren't measuring and evaluating Marketing Qualified Leads, Sales Qualified Leads and your pipeline, then your marketing is not operating at the speed of 2018.

Recently, I spoke with a CMO who is selling B2B, and said, "MQLs just aren't for our industry." This individual is at the end of their career, and there is no question that this person has risen to the top due to strong success that brought in dollars, but to simply try to repeat what worked in years past today is not good enough.

This person also said, "We are not data-driven." Then the industry (whatever industry) will eat your lunch.

I was so baffled that I didn't even have a strong argument in the moment. I brought up a few questions, but this person was already convinced, based on their years of experience and I was unprepared. It's almost as if this person had said out of the blue, "Man did not land on the moon."

I spend my time and energy thinking about the ways to grease the flow of leads, so to say that measuring leads through a pipeline isn't applicable is baffling.

I look to work with organizations and people who want to measure, learn, anticipate and be out ahead.

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