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Helpful Tutorials vs. Unhelpful

I'm currently in the process of getting several certifications. The past couple of weeks I passed several HubSpot certifications, and now I am on to Jira and Confluence.

I have been using HubSpot for 9 months now, so I do know my way around the software. These certifications were largely best practices.

I am a brand new user of Jira working to get my marketing team up and running. I am incredibly frustrated with the experience and I can't help but compare it to HubSpot, since I am actively in and out of both of these companies' "universities."

Below is a screenshot of a Jira training. Note that I can't figure out where to click to the training that's referenced. They tell me what I will learn, but nothing on this page links to the actual training.

Jira "Getting Started" Training

I'm incredibly familiar with online trainings and certifications. Not only have I gone through various marketing technology solution trainings, I've worked for companies that offer trainings to customers, which I went through in order to fully understand our product.

Many people use and love Jira, and I'm sure I'll get tthere, but the fact that I'm resorting to YouTube and to learn how to use Jira and Confluence is a fail on the company's part. And it's just leaving me as a frustrated customer.

Make it easy for your customers to onboard and dive in. This isn't especially sage advice. This is common sense.

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