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Value of Communications in Board Rooms

"Communications expertise isn't usually high on the list of priorities when boards are looking to fill vacancies...," according a recent article, "Chief Communications Officers in the Boardroom," yet it's where so many companies miss. Poor communications.

Just this past week the world watched Papa John's Founder fumble through communications due to ignorance an arrogance. And the world is constantly wincing as the White House is criticized for thoughtless communications.

The article points out, "In this environment, it’s no surprise that the chief communications officer (CCO) has become an increasingly important member of the executive team."

Communications is often seen as a soft skill. Keep in mind though, there are a variety of types of communications from written communications to personal / one-on-one communications to public speaking to media relations to crisis communications to marketing comms. Stating the obvious - someone adept at one is not necessarily good at any of the other types of communications.

This thought-provoking, reasoned article lays out "5 ways communications leaders can improve their board chances," and is worth the read.

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