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PR Advice for Start-ups

Instructive and informative article on how a start-up should think about media relations.

The wrong way is "all about me." It doesn't win you friends in school. It doesn't win you friends at a party. And that attitude won't win you any friends with the press. (didn't your mother teach you any better?)

It's a long article, so here are a few snippets to convince you to read on.

  • "There’s a Venn diagram of stories you want to tell and the stories the press wants to tell. The crossover is always tiny. Finding it is an art that takes time."

  • “The more niche outlets you pay attention to, and the more of those relationships you nurture, the more that coverage and credibility compound.”

  • "What data do you have that will support (your ideal) headline? What proof points do you need to acquire and present to the press to convince them of the argument you’re making?”

  • "Cut out all the jargon. If you can’t explain in a way your mom would understand, that’s a big problem.”

  • "Volunteer to be a resource for them on other topic areas they might be covering. Offer to make valuable introductions for them."

  • “Reporters at big publications are reading the smaller trade outlets."

  • “Consider how a reporter might sell your story to their editor. It’s actually not easy to get a story approved in many cases. Give them the facts, figures and arguments they need to make a strong case to cover your story based on what readers want.”

There's a lot more valuable tips in this instructional article.

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