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Marketing Podcasts

As previously mentioned, I love listening to podcasts on everything from professional interest to random to personal interests.

Because I listen to so many podcasts, I expect I'll write another blog soon enough with some more suggestions.

Today, I ran across the article, "9 Binge-Worthy Marketing Podcasts," and I admit that I have not actually listened to any of these -- yet.

Marketing podcasts that are in heavy rotation on my iPhone are:

Marketing School - super, super short. They last about 5 minutes, and the first minute and the last minute are ads. So, I tend to binge.

Marketing Secrets - There's a lot in here that's about starting a business. Good for the entrepreneur.

On the Media - because being in PR, naturally I think a lot about the way the media covers particular topics

Longform - also about journalists, where they sometimes share how they get their news stories.

The Turnaround - the art of a good interview. Hear how Terry Gross and Anna Sale interview and prepare for interviews.

Marketing Over Coffee - strong interviews with marketing professionals

Happy Listening!!

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