Marketing Week on Being Personal on a Mass Scale

The marketing trade outlet "Marketing Week" interviewed P&G’s vice-president of marketing for Europe and IMEA (India, the Middle East and Africa) on how such a giant company is going to get personal with it's marketing (that's what it's all about these days).

Article: P&G on how it will deliver personalised messages at scale

Procter & Gamble says it will seek to strike a balance between personalisation and mass targeting by not compromising on its brands’ purpose.

Interesting nuggets from the article include:

  • "The consumer goods giant, which claims to reach five billion consumers every day," - WOW

  • “This depth and intimacy of understanding every single consumer is very new. That is what’s transforming the profession. You either get overwhelmed, or you embrace it with tools to be able to interact with and answer [consumers] in a way that is better than your competitors,” she tells Marketing Week.

  • "You need both the human and tech-savvy side."

  • "'That’s the role of big brands. The weight on the shoulders of marketers today has never been so heavy; not only to change behaviours and change the conversation, but to be a force for good.'"

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