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From MarTech Advisor on Marketing Automation

A good article on the value of marketing automation technology. There are a number of marketing automation vendors out there. I happen to be Marketo certified, so it's the product I know best. However, I work with several clients who use HubSpot, and so I have a glimpse into it as well.

Not the newest article, but still relevant points:

by Malinda Wilkinson - Mar 21, 2017

Marketing automation helps marketing send over more qualified leads to sales, and it's been my experience that that is in fact the case. The article points to research, "SiriusDecisions shared that companies can drive 5 - 36 percent growth simply through alignment." And since it is written by a marketing automation vendor, naturally they throw in their own research - "Marketers that reported using automation said they were nearly three times more likely to have strong communications with sales." While this vendor obviously has a bias, this has in fact been my personal experience as well.

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