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Equal Pay

Equal pay is a subject that I care deeply about (rather understandably), and I closely follow legislation that affects it as well as studies on the matter.

I was really disappointed and dismayed when President Donald Trump rolled back the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces rules. Especially sad was that he signed this on March 27th, 2017, mere days shortly before Equal Pay Day, April 4. Ivanka Trump historically said this was an issue that was important to her, but she is sitting on the sidelines on this issue.

In New York City and a few other places it's illegal to ask a candidate about their salary history, with the goal of equalizing offers to prospective employees.

So, I was sad to read women who refuse to answer about their salary history (where it's legal to ask) are then given lower offers than men who in the same position refuse to answer.

I hope that in my lifetime we continue to make strides calling out all the many ways we have hidden biases that affect women economically.

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