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"Disruptive Technology" with "Artificial Intelligence" for "Machine Learnin

Working across a number of B2B clients, I am seeing that they are all drawn to using the same words. And it seems that journalists are seeing it too.

No one can define what artificial intelligence and machine learning are exactly, but almost every ad tech vendor seems to believe they’ll make their tech look better.

“It’s in almost every pitch I see,” said Eric Bader, managing director and co-founder for digital consultancy Volando. “Nobody is specific about what it is, but everyone is certain it’s going to change everything.”

The trend I am seeing in messaging focusing on solutions that "automate manual tasks" and "going from disparate points solutions to one dashboard of truth." Lots of B2B software (especially SaaS solutions) say they will solve these pains. And while it is an attractive value proposition, some days I think I could take the same sentences and play Mad-Libs, just inserting different names of companies and the industry they are attacking.

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